Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Little Friend

We had a visitor on our wall right outside our front door yesterday. Here is a quick glimpse of him. It was so funny. I was in the bathroom doing my hair and I heard our dog, Gunner yelping like crying and I went out side and he was going crazy because he seen this little lizard on the wall.

My Art Projects

This is extra one i made, if anyone wants it, they can have it.
This one we gave Deryck's mom
This was the one I gave to my mom.

I decided since I don't have a job and the economy is crap and it's not that easy to find a job that I should at least find something to do. So I painted a few boards and bought some vinyl from a lady in my ward and made these. Two of them i gave to our mothers for Mothers Day. One I still have if any one wants it they can have it. I think I am going to try and do tiles next.

Our Mini Camping Trip

Our breakfast cooking

The Colorado River
A couple weekends ago we decided to go camping just for the night with some friends. I dont know if the place had a name but, it was pretty cool. It was right by Boulder City near the Colorado River. We camped right by the river. I had never been camping before. It was a fun expierence. We went on a Saturday night. We cooked chicken and potatoes for dinner. We used a dutch oven. We made smores too. You can forget those when you camp. Which we almost did. We just hung around by the fire and talked. We also used the dutch oven to make our breakfast. When they were cooking it, it look pretty darn gross. It turned out super delicious. It was potatoes, eggs, and bacon. I am excited to go to girls camp now!