Sunday, April 25, 2010

Digital Camera

Well... I have a sad story about my digital camera. I usually carry my camera in my purse so if I need it, its there. I went the other day to get it out of my purse and it was gone... I was so sad. So I looked everywhere for it, the car, the drawers and cabinets in the house and I couldn't find it. We got some extra money. So I found a brand new digital camera on for only 60 dollars. I was so excited! It even had more megapixels. I still have to buy a memory card. But, I am so excited to have a digital camera back now and to top it off and brand new one.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Having Patience is hard...

Everywhere in nature we are taught the lessons of patience and waiting. We want things a long time before we get them, and the fact that we want them a long time makes them all the more precious when they come.
~Joseph F. Smith

P.s- I found this quote and I love it!!