Thursday, July 29, 2010

Changes in School!

Well, I changed to Advanced massage in school. I am no longer in Basic! I love advanced that is where I am learning all the different kinds of massages. I am starting clinics! You pay the school $35 for a 50 Minute massage. You can request me. So if you would like to come in. Let me know! I never knew how much would like massage but I really do love it!


I know I am kind of behind on my blogging. Well, two of my cousins got married in June. One of June 5th. Which was my cousin Melissa and let me tell you her wedding was stunningly Beautiful! Then on June 18th My cousin Chris got married to the beautiful Karla. I was honored to be asked if I would be in there wedding. It was in Mt. Charleston. It couldn't of been more beautiful. So Congrats Kevin and Melissa & Chris and Karla!