Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Wonderful Husband!

So... I was blog stalking like I always do. I came across a blog where this girl wrote why she loves and is greatful for her husband. She asked that it be passed on and write why you love and are greatful for your husband. So see if you can pass it on. Deryck is the best husband ever. He is my best friend. We have been married about a year. It will be a year November 15th. Here are some reasons why I love him and why I am so greatful for him.

1. I love that he is such a hard worker.
2. I love that he loves me and lets me know it everyday.
3. I love that he is so patient with me and rarely ever gets mad at me. I know that has to be hard....
4. I love that he is so handsome and has the cutest smile ever!
5.I love that he would do anything for me.
6. I love that that he can fix anything from something on a car to something with the house. If there is something broke he is always the one to fix it I am so thankful for that.
7. I am greatful that he holds the Melchizedek Priesthood and has such a strong testimony of the church.
8. I am love that if I am having a bad day, He is always there for me to comfort me.
9. I love how sometimes he send me cute texts messages how he loves me and doesn't know what he would do without me.
10. I love how he tells me that he can't wait to marry me in the temple.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I got a new calling in church as a.....

Primary Teacher!!
Obviously I am new to the church so I have never done this before. I am so excited. Right now I am just sitting back and watching and observing. They said they will let me know which class I will be teaching in a few weeks. They are still in the process of switching things around there not sure where they will need me just yet. But, I am just so excited. I think this is going to be an awesome learning expierence for me.