Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine!!!

I know I am a day late... But I just wanted to write how much I love Deryck and how greatful I am that he is my Valentine! Here is some reasons why I love him so much and he is so great.
- He tells me he loves me constantly
- He writes cute text messages randomly
-He tells me he can't wait to have a family with me.
- He works so hard to support and take care of me.
- He helps me around the house.
- He never complains even when I make dinner and he doesn't like it.. (Even when he is picky)
- That he tells me he wouldn't trade me for the world
- I love that he has wrote me the most cutest random poems
- I love that he is so good look and he is all mine :)
- I love how he cherishes his family and mine and loves them dearly...
I pretty much just love him!

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Torrey said...

Goooo Deryck! You got a keeper for sure.