Monday, February 9, 2009

Lesson on Building Bird Houses

Your are probably thinking why is the title of this posting Bird Houses? There is a story behind it. Some of you don't know but, Deryck got a calling from Bishop Leavitt at church to be an Assistant for Cub Scouts for Ryan Frei, A family friend. From the things Deryck tells me, he loves it. The other week when he went to Cub Scouts Ryan asked Deryck to do a lesson on building bird houses. I think the lesson is either this Thursday or next Thursday I'm not sure. Deryck is excited to do the lesson. I'm excited too! I can't wait to hear how it went.


Cami said...

I heard that you were getting baptized? Is that so? Awesome! Or did you already get baptized? Either way, it's so cool! Congrats!

Cami said...

Sorry we missed your baptism. Wish we would have known sooner. That is a Great decision. Way to go!

Danila said...

What a great calling! I am so happy for you and Deryck. Tell Deryck congratulations on receiving the priesthood!

He is perfect for teaching this class on making bird houses, he had a great example by grandpa. He's made some awesome birdhouses through the years.

love you both

GrandmaLori said...

How did the class go? Deryck seemed really excited to teach the boys how to build birdhouses.