Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Little Sister

This is the view we got at the fields she played at.

I thought this was a pretty cool picture of that I took of her running!

Last weekend, I went with my parents to St. George to my little sister's softball tournament. I was so glad I could go. She did so awesome! She pitched great and hit awesome too! She actually almost hit one over but, the girl caught it in mid air. I was so proud of her. She tried out for high school this weekend. We are still waiting to see if she made JV or Varsity. So, we will see. Jessica, We are so proud of how far you have come with softball and school! We love you so much!

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Our Family said...

Hey! Hope you two are well! I'll have to tell you the story behind the "ugly" stuffed animal E.T. Makaylee doesn't like it either, so she is always trying to give it to Jacob to have.