Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our New Snowboards

I have been slacking on blogging. Well, Snowboarding season is over. But we went I would say maybe 4 times this season. We both got snowboards maybe the 2nd time we went so we could have our own. I love my snowboard. Deryck loves his too. I even found matching boots to go with my board so maybe when we get extra money I can get them. Here is a couple pictures of our boards. I am so glad Deryck taught me because I love it now!! Its my new favorite thing to do in the winter.

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Torrey said...

cute boards! That's good that you guys share a fun hobby together! I tried snowboarding once.... never again will I do that! That takes some skill, which I do not have. haha! I like to ski and it is pretty easy, but I couldn't stay up for 2 seconds on the snowboard! Way to go Brittany!