Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Journey to Becoming Foster Parents

We recently became foster parents. I figured I would start using my blog to share our journey. It was a long process. I want to say it took us a good 9 months to complete everything from classes to licensing to home studies. On Dec 17th we finally got the news that everything was completed and we were good to go to get a placement. We were beyond excited because we had waited so long. We got our first call the next day for a placement but had to turn it down. Then Monday Dec 19th I finally got in touch with a Placement coordinator that specializes in newborns and toddlers. He told me there was a little girl that was 4 days old in the hospital that needed placement. So we went to see her in the hospital the next day which would of been December 20th and decided to take placement so we brought her home that day. It has been such an emotional rollercoaster. From thinking we maybe able to adopt her to finding out she may get adopted by the family that had adopted her siblings. The family got approved for her to come. We are hoping to get a hold of them to share our feeling with them. But, we know she will most likely end up with her siblings. We are happy about that. But we will miss her dearly. But with the system anything can happen so we are still holding out hope.

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