Monday, February 27, 2012

Spilling our feelings

Well like I expressed in our last post we were waiting to get in touch with the family that adopted her sibling that may adopt her. Well we finally did. They e-mailed us first then we e-mail all our feelings back and some pictures of us and her. They then called the next day. Deryck talked to the dad, He is was super nice. He just expressed how much they really want Baby "E". He said he felt like this is the Lords way of telling them she should be with them. He also expressed to us how he has been in our shoes before. It just really made us feel good to know they really want her. They are seriously the nicest people. They also told us they would love to keep in touch and give us pictures and updates on her :) So all in all Baby "E" will be leaving us soon. I just know this is whats meant to be. Not sure exactly when we are still wating for all the paperwork to go through so we can have more of an idea of when. We are just so happy for her. She will be going to a good family. But we will miss her dearly.

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Christina Overton said...

How selfless of you to feel so happy for "Baby E" and the family she is going to. I'm sure you will miss her greatly, but as you said, it must be comforting to know she will be dearly loved.