Monday, December 29, 2008


Deryck and I at my mom's on Christmas Eve.

Ashley and Harley, Aren't they so cute?

Two of the cousins playing Wii.

Two more of the cousin's playing Wii.

My sister Jessica, playing pool.
It was our first christmas being married. We had alot of fun. We got to spend equal time with both sides of the family which was good. On Christmas eve we went to my parents and had dinner with them and my sister and we all exchanged gifts. That was fun, we got alot of good stuff that we both wanted. Then the extended family all came over for dessert. We all had a fun time we just talked, played pool and wii. Deryck and I had a good time. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad!
On my Christmas Day we hung out with Deryck's family. We opened presents with Lori, Kevin, Jestin, Taryn, and Blayke. Oh yeah, Grandma and Grandpa Waters and Uncle Dave too. It was Blayke's first Christmas. It was so cute to watch him open his presents. After all the presents, we went to the Eureka in Mesquite to eat Christmas dinner at the buffet. Thats what Grandma and Grandpa Waters wanted to do. Oh yeah and the reason why i don't have pictures of Christmas Day is because, I left my camera at my moms on Christmas eve I was pretty bummed. Overall, I think it was a really good Christmas.
Hope you all had a good one too!


GrandmaLori said...

Im so glad that you both had a GREAT 1st CHRISTMAS together!

Love ya!!

Torrey said...

Bummer you forgot your camera. I hate it when that happens to me! That's nice that you were able to spend time with both sides of the family. It's hard to spend equal time when everyone wants to see you, I totally understand!