Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow In Las Vegas

Here is some snow on the landscaping at the office we had to go to.
Deryck in the snow, he wanted me to take a picture of him.

I can't believe it actually snowed it Las Vegas, how crazy is that. Deryck and I were in the Las Vegas sunday night, stayed the night at my moms. Then we were there all day Monday. We had to get christmas shopping done and we had an appointment to go to. So the whole day we were out, it snowed. We went to our friend Ricky's house and his front yard was just covered. Deryck and I just couldnt get over that it snowed in Las Vegas. I mean come on how often does that happen. So i took a few pictures thought i would post them. :)


Chauntelle Graf said...

yeah I agree with you I was totally shocked that it snowed in Vegas, too bad it didnt stick where I live though... cause I wanted to play in it sooo bad haha

Tav and Jen said...

How pretty! The landscaping of course ;)